Remember, our diets are grain based, having no animal products in them. This helps to
prevent E-Coli and Salmonella poisoning.  We add no artificial flavors or colors to our feed for we
do not know what long term health effects the coloring dyes or flavorings may have on your birds.
Avi-Sci, Inc.
Where We Began...
Avi-Sci, Inc. has been in business since 1984. The President of the company is Michael S.
Underwood.  He has his Masters Degree in animal nutrition, specializing in parrot nutrition. Dr. Don
Pollin, now retired from Avi-Sci, is a retired professor from Michigan State University.  He is a world
renowned parrot nutritionist.  These are the two people who developed this diet after years of
research and study.

The office is located in St. Johns, Michigan, approximately 15 miles north of Michigan's capital city,
Lansing. We have been in this location since 1994, moving from Williamston.
How and When We Ship...
We ship food every day - usually by UPS - or if your order is big enough, we will ship by truck line,
whichever is less expensive.  Most orders are shipped within a 24 hour period.  Sometimes out of
country shipments take a day or two longer. We do ship all over the world.
A Word About Our Pellets...
Pellets have a distinct advantage over seeds, for instance they are nutritionally complete. Pellets
also help reduce your cost.  Birds eat approximately 20% less pellets and you have to give no extra
vitamins, greens, etc. Just supply fresh water daily and they will do great.
A Few Points We'd Like to Stress...

"Avi-Sci, Inc.  Science Is In Our Name and Our Product"
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    Manufacturer of Dr. D's Avian Pellets
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Our Money Back Guarantee...
It is thought that one diet does not have all the nutrients that a bird needs, so people feed several different
diets or they change their diets every few months. This does more harm than anything else. So please,
find a good diet and stick with it.  If you try it for a few months and it does not work for you then change.  
But it is wise to find one diet and stay with that diet.  Read more on this topic included in the information
on our website.  It won't hurt if you give treats, but please try to keep treats to less than 20% of your birds
total diet.
About The Company
Avi-Sci offers a money back guarantee on a 5 lb bag of food.
If you do not like the food for any reason, we will give you a 100% refund on that 5lb bag.

We also offer a $4.00 credit to those of you who recommend us to someone else who orders
(call for details).