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About Our Hand Feeding Formula
Dr. D's has taken the chore out of baby feeding with spectacular results.  For large volume
feeding, we recommend using a blender.  Mixed formula can be refrigerated for up to 3 days.  Briefly
blend before each feeding, pour out amount needed, heat in a microwave oven to approximately 105
degrees, and you’re ready to feed.  

Once your babies are feathered and start picking at the bottom of the brooder or cage, spread some
Dr. D’s Starter-Grower pellets on the bottom and watch the babies start to pick on them.  They have the
same taste as the formula.
Once they start picking at the pellets, put a small dish of pellets and a dish of fresh water in the
brooder or cage.  

Following these tips, your babies will be larger, healthier, and wean much sooner.
Additional Tips & Suggestions
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The first, "good growth", is best attained with the use of specific ingredients that promote growth.
The second, "
ease of use" is best attained by the use of other ingredients that promote a smoother,
easier to mix formula.

All manufacturers have to find a balance between good growth and ease of use.  Some manufacturers
emphasize the ease of use and use ingredients such as rice flour, which is not as good for growth but does
mix up smooth.  We at Avi-Sci put our emphasis on good growth.  Our formula uses a corn and bean base to
promote excellent growth.  As a result, we have the
absolute best growth rate of any formula on the market -

The down side is that our formula is one of the harder ones to use for a hand feeder who is accustomed to a
very smooth formal.  Our formula tends to be grainier and can settle out in the cup before feeding.
There are two main goals in formulating a hand feeding formula
Following the steps below, these traits can easily be overcome.  

When mixing our formula, it should be thinner than cake batter - more like a thick tomato soup.  Add some
water and let it set for a couple of minutes - when you add the hot water to the formula, it can take 2 or 3
minutes for the starch grains to totally absorb the water.  During that time it can tend to get thicker.  Make sure
you do not feed the formula until it has stabilized in consistency so it does not harden in the crop - then come
back and add more water to thin it down to the desired consistency.

If you are feeding very small chicks with a very small syringe, you can add extra water to the formula and then
run it in a blender for a few seconds to whip it up smoother and thinner than it would be if you just stirred it with
a spoon.  With a 10 cc syringe (or larger) or a spoon, this extra step is not necessary.  

If you follow these simple steps, you will be rewarded with excellent growth in your chicks.  

NOTE:  Some people like to add lactobacillus or yogurt to the mix.  This can be done at mixing time.  you can
always call us at (800) 942-3438 with any questions - everyone in the office has many years experience hand
feeding birds and will be happy to assist you!