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About Dr. D's CTC Medicated Diet
(with nutrient value to enhance recovery)
The amount of CTC required is 1% (10 mg per gram) of diet.

The diet must be fed for 45 days to insure the treatment is effective. Although the birds may overcome their
sick appearance and look very healthy, be certain to continue the treatment for the full 45 days. Early
withdrawal from treatment can result in a relapse or return of the disease. Use a calendar to keep track of the
time for treatment and make a note of the day you start and the 45th day later. This may sound basic, but you
would be amazed at the high percentage of bird owners who lose track of time.

NOTE:  The transport of 1% CTC Medicated Diet across state lines is permissible as regulated by the FDA
according to Public Law 21 CFR Part 158.128. This law provides an exemption to the laws of drug
regulations that is unique for CTC drug use to treat psittacosis.
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The treatment of birds suspected or known to be infected with psittacosis caused by Chlamydia
Psittaci is accomplished using Chlortetracycline (CTC) in the feed.

Water treatment with the drug is not successful. The drug tends to undergo degradation (losing potency as it
exists in water) and the intake of the drug from water is less than required because the birds refuse - to a
major extent - to drink the water with the CTC in it.

So far, strains of C. psittaci have responded to the treatment, but the owner of the bird(s) must understand
that there is always the possibility of a resistant strain of the bacteria occurring. For this reason one should
remain in contact with their Veterinarian to follow the course of the disease from its stage of illness to the
conclusion of its successful treatment. If at the mid point of treatment no change for the better is obvious in
the bird's health, then the bird should be reexamined by the Veterinarian and cultures may needed taken to
test for resistance to CTC and/or the possibility of a complicated clinical situation.
Dr. D's Medicated Diet is a diet designed to supply a balance of excellent nutrition so that the bird
will receive maximum benefit from the action of the CTC.

Vitamins in our diets are present in amounts to allow for stress situations, and our CTC Medicated feed is no
exception!  The protein (amino acid profile) is balanced to the energy concentration of the diet to allow
optimal return of the bird to health. Minerals are also present in the proper concentrations along with fiber to
allow proper intestinal action.

Remember that Dr. D's Plant-Pro diets do not have animal products and thus avoid the possibility of E coil or
Salmonella coming into the diet from those contents.