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Avi-Sci recommends mixing 1 tsp Canthaxanthin into 1 lb of ground Dr. D's pelleted diet, OR adding 1
tsp Canthaxanthin per 1 gallon of drinking water.

NOTE:  There is approximately 5 teaspoons of red factor per 2 oz
Avi-Sci Red - Canthaxanthin
For Red Factor Canaries and Some Reptiles
2 oz.
$ 39.00
1/4 lb
$ 70.00
1/2 lb
$ 120.00
1 lb
$ 200.00
Shipping & Handling $ 5.00 on any size order
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In order to maintain their rich red plumage or scales, red-factor canaries and some reptiles
must be fed foods rich in beta-carotene, or a supplement of Canthaxanthin to maintain their
best color.

However, for canaries, color feeding is only required when new feathers are growing in - usually during the
molt.  Canthaxanthin is fed just prior to and during the entire molt to enhance the red coloring in the new

NOTE:  Canthaxanthin should be FED TO RED FACTOR CANARIES ONLY, and is not recommended for
canaries of other types or color or other birds.
Feeding Suggestions
NOTE:  We apologize for the many price increases.  The only supplier of pure canthaxanthin in the world continues
to raise wholesale prices as demand increases, therefore
our prices are subject to change without notice.  

However, please keep in mind
we sell only the pure, undiluted canthaxanthin product.  We add no fillers!!