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Save on the shipping cost.  On orders of 200 lbs or more, UPS offers a discount that varies from
about 20% to up to 50% off in addition to our feed discounts.  Please note that shipping costs can change
without notice.  This is out of our control.
Medicated Pigeon Feed
PRICE LIST for medicated pigeon pellets.  
See our
CTC Medicated page for more information about this product.
Articles of Interest
Medicated pigeon pellets are $45.00 for one 25 lb bag or $69.95 for 50 lbs.

Shipping costs for orders of less than 200 lbs are based on UPS zones for each 25 and 50 lb
bag.  These shipping prices are approximate and can vary daily due to fuel costs.   Email us
with your zip code to get your zone or see the Pricing page for the zone chart and instructions
on how to find your zone.  
See below for discounts on orders over 200 lbs.
25 lbs
$ 10.50
$ 15.00
$ 11.75
$ 16.75
$ 14.50
$ 21.75
$ 16.25
$ 24.50
$ 17.25
$ 27.50
$ 22.25
$ 35.75
$ 23.50
$ 39.25
There are large savings if you can order 200 lbs or more at one time.
Save on the feed cost.   On orders with a total feed cost (excluding shipping) of over $100, deduct 10%
(excluding shipping); over $200, deduct 20%; over $400, deduct 23%; and over $600, deduct 27%.  
NOTE:  Extra feed can be stored in a freezer for up to 2 years and it is a good idea to keep any extra on
hand for future use if a disease problem occurs.  
Call us with your zip code and amount of feed needed for
a complete price quote
.  We ship all orders immediately so you get it when you need it!
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